June 10, 2015

Scarlet Gospels

The final bonus item for the deluxe edition of THE SCARLET GOSPELS: a lengthy foreword by the wonderful Doug Bradley. It is an insightful, funny, and moving piece. How could I resist asking him what he thought about his character being killed off? Final formatting and then everything goes to the printer. Given printer and slipcase-maker timelines, the book should be out early fall — a nice pre-Halloween treat.

Thanks and all best,
Paul Miller, Publisher


May 19, 2015

Deluxe SCARLET GOSPELS update!

Scarlet Gospels art

On this release day of the trade hardcover for THE SCARLET GOSPELS, I thought I’d provide an update regarding our deluxe limited edition. First, as you will see, the wraparound cover art by Malleus Rock Lab has been finished. Second, two additional bonus sections have been added to the appendix of the both numbered and lettered editions:

  1. An “outtakes” section containing several scenes deleted from the original manuscript that never made it into the final text, along with notes about each scene.
  2. An afterword by Mark Miller entitled “A Testament on the Gospels,” which discusses the development of the novel.

A third and final (?) bonus item will be announced soon, once it’s finalized….then everything goes off to the printer. We’re still looking at a late summer or early fall release for this gorgeous limited edition and complete GOSPELS experience.

Best regards,
Paul Miller, Publisher


March 6, 2015

First Artwork for THE SCARLET GOSPELS Revealed!

Scarlet Gospels art

I'm excited to share with you one of the pieces of interior artwork by Edward Miller for our deluxe limited edition of Clive Barker's upcoming novel. More information — including cover artwork by Malleus and additional bonus features — will be forthcoming soon. For now, enjoy Pinhead releasing some very special origami birds....

Best regards,
Paul Miller, Publisher


January 19, 2015

THE SCARLET GOSPELS now available for preorder!

The deluxe limited of the book that everyone has been waiting years for is now available for preorder. Special features, high-end materials, and a collectible print run make this the edition to have, to celebrate Clive's return to all-out horror and a farewell to an iconic character. Please drop by the website to learn more.

Scarlet Gospels deluxe edition

Please know that your PayPal order (if you're in the US) or your email requesting a total including postage (if you're outside the US) will secure your "place in line" and your copy. Please also give me a little time to get back to you (up to 24 hours)...given the number of emails I've received about this book, there may be a higher volume of orders/emails for me to respond to than usual.

Paul Miller, Publisher


December 8, 2014

Preorders start for deluxe edition of THE THICKET by Joe R. Lansdale

The Thicket

I’m pleased to announce Earthling’s special limited edition of THE THICKET by Joe Lansdale, “one of the more versatile writers in America” (LA Times). My favorite Lansdale work to date, Booklist gave it a starred review and said “Memorable characters, a vivid sense of place, and an impressive body count make THE THICKET another Lansdale treasure.” This will be a smaller, more collectible print run than many Lansdale limiteds. This hardcover will be beautifully designed inside and out with great care, featuring fine materials relevant to the tale (e.g., “saddle” leather), with multiple illustrations, and housed in a slipcase. It will include bonus pieces by the author and by David Morrell, and will be signed by Lansdale. To read more about the book and place your order, please visit: http://www.earthlingpub.com/jl_thicket.php (If you don’t, you’ll have to answer to Hog or to Eustace’s 4-gauge!)


October 31, 2014


The Scarlet Gospels

Earthling Publications is thrilled to announce that we have acquired the rights to publish the limited, signed, deluxe edition of Clive Barker’s THE SCARLET GOSPELS. As a well-established publisher of Clive’s work, most recently having published an oversized anniversary edition of his epic dark fantasy WEAVEWORLD, we are thrilled to be doing this project that features two of Clive’s iconic characters, Pinhead and Harry D’Amour. Earthling published a deluxe edition of THE HELLBOUND HEART, which “gave birth” to the Cenobites, so it seems only fitting for us to publish a novel that will likely see the death of Pinhead. Clive calls GOSPELS “a HORROR NOVEL with the graphic violence and perverse eroticism of the most intense tales from the Books of Blood.” Details regarding print run, design, and special features will be announced and ordering should commence before the end of January 2015.


The Halloween Children

"This latest installment in Earthling's annual Halloween series recollects the macabre and gruesome events that befall a suburban apartment. Delivered through a series of journal entries and interview transcripts, The Halloween Children goes beyond the creepy kids and paranormal hauntings tropes to deliver a disturbing and thought-provoking look into family dynamics and our own changing imaginations."
— RUE MORGUE issue #149

Best regards,
Paul Miller, Publisher