Midnight on Mourn Street
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Midnight on Mourn Street (2008)
A novel by Christopher Conlon

Introduction by William F. Nolan
Cover art by Edward Miller



Reed Waters is the sort of middle-aged man few people notice. He's quiet, polite, solitary. He doesn't call attention to himself. Ever.

Reed Waters has a secret.

Mauri Dyson is a teenaged runaway, impetuous and explosive. She lies, she steals, she prostitutes herself. Whatever it takes to survive.

Mauri Dyson, too, has a secret.

When Mauri bursts into Reed's life one rain-soaked night she sets in motion a series of events that will spiral out of control, taking the two of them through tears and terror to the brink of madness ... and a confrontation that will change them both forever.

William F. Nolan calls Christopher Conlon "a modern master." George Clayton Johnson refers to him as "a consummate literary artist." Read Conlon's stunning debut novel, MIDNIGHT ON MOURN STREET, and find out why.

MIDNIGHT ON MOURN STREET will be released in the following editions:

Trade softcover
[Special offer: the first 100 copies will feature a numbered bookplate signed by Conlon]

100 numbered hardcovers, signed by Conlon and Nolan $50

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“Powerful … a dark and frequently disturbing piece of work that’s highly worthy of your time.”
—Cemetery Dance Magazine

“A tale of secrets and revelations, of shattered lives torn apart and tortured souls drawn together, MIDNIGHT ON MOURN STREET gripped me and wouldn’t let go The characters live, breathe; they carried this reader through a range of emotions I’ve not felt from any fiction in a long time. Chris Conlon is phenomenal, and this novel ranks among one of the best I’ve read. It’s that damn good.”
—James Newman, author of MIDNIGHT RAIN and ANIMOSITY

"MIDNIGHT ON MOURN STREET is a superb accomplishment."
— Earl Hamner, creator of “The Waltons”

"Simply one of the finest novels I’ve ever been privileged to read. Conlon is a powerful force among the new writers of the 21st century."
— William F. Nolan, author of LOGAN'S RUN

"With MIDNIGHT ON MOURN STREET, Christopher Conlon makes one of the strongest and most affecting debuts as a novelist Iíve ever read. This story of loneliness, guilt, revenge, and the quest for self-redemption left me nearly in tears. Exquisitely written and profoundly moving, this is a novel that will haunt you for years to come."
— Stoker and International Horror Guild Award-winner author Gary A. Braunbeck