The Bones of You

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The Bones of You (Halloween 2013)
A novel by Gary McMahon

Art by Edward Miller



Halloween series



I love you … I love the bones of you.

Adam Morris moves into a cheap rental property in the suburbs. He's divorced and now only sees his daughter, Jessica, every other weekend. He's a broken man trying to start a new life. When strange events start to occur in the run-up to Halloween, Adam suspects there's a link to the old, abandoned house next door. Soon he learns about a dead killer named Katherine Moffat and the terrible things she did to her victims in the cellar.

As Adam uncovers more details regarding past events in the house next door, he realizes that he and Jessica might be in real danger. Before long, he is caught up in a mortal struggle to prevent the lingering influence of “Little Miss Moffat”' from destroying everything he has tried so hard to protect.

This is a story about ghosts, a dead serial killer, and a man struggling to be a good father to his young daughter. There's pain and pathos, love and hate, abuse, addiction and desire.

It's also the story of Little Miss Moffat and the Radiant Children….

500 numbered hardcovers, signed by McMahon, $45

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"This is an old fashioned horror story, with wall to wall thrills and chills, the whole executed with considerable skill by a writer at the top of his game. As a tale of supernatural terror, The Bones of You fires successfully on all cylinders, but looking back I believe what makes the book work so well, what takes it to another level, is the portrait of a flawed man and the love that saves him, that enables us to see him as somebody, warts and all, who is worthy of the epithet hero. There's no chance that you'll be tricked if you accept this dark delight in lieu of Halloween candy."
— Peter Tennant, BLACK STATIC

"One of Britain’s most energetic horror writers. [The Bones of You] will keep the reader intrigued."
— Publishers Weekly

"To call The Bones of You a ghost story would do it a grave injustice. It’s much more than that. Those who are familiar with McMahon’s writing know he digs deeper than many of his peers for characterization, to the point of creating claustrophobia, due more to the people involved than the settings. The Bones of You is a fine offering from Earthling that truly unsettles the reader, as good horror is supposed to do."
— Monster Librarian

"Gary McMahon is a spellbinding storyteller."
— Graham Joyce

"Gary McMahon is one of the finest of a new breed of horror writers."
— Steve Rasnic Tem

"Gary McMahon's vision is as bleak as a Yorkshire moor, but it glows with a wintry light that illuminates the dark we live in."
Ramsey Campbell

"A super chilling read perfect for the Halloween season."

"The Bones of You is my introduction to Gary McMahon’s work, and I couldn’t be happier to make its acquaintance. I’ll happily shelve it right up there with Charles L. Grant, and will be sure to leave room for whatever he writes next."
— Fearnet