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Family (2024)
A novel by Ian Rogers
Introduction by S.P. Miskowski
Artwork by Chris Nurse

Halloween Series



The Bennett family is broken. After a series of devastating events, they leave their old lives behind and start over in a new town. The move is supposed to give them a chance to heal and to help mend their familial bonds, but they soon discover some wounds run deeper than others, and they always leave scars.

And there’s something seriously wrong with their new house.

There’s a presence lurking within the walls, walking the halls at night, and it seems to know everything about the Bennetts. Their secrets, their desires…and their fears.

What starts out as mild paranormal activity quickly escalates into a full-on supernatural assault by an entity whose motives are as nebulous as its origins. If the Bennetts hope to survive, they will have to confront the horrors of their past, forgive each other for the wrongs they’ve done, and come together as a single powerful force.

As Family.

500 numbered, offset printed, Smyth-sewn, cloth-covered hardcovers, signed by Ian Rogers, $60.

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15 lettered, offset printed, Smyth-sewn, traycased hardcovers, both book and traycase completely hand made using the finest materials, signed by Ian Rogers, $TBD but at least $750 based on anticipated materials and labor. Inquire about a Lettered

Praise for Family and the work of Ian Rogers:

“A little bit Poltergeist, a little bit Us, a lot of Haunting of Hill House…but mostly itself, Ian Rogers’s Family is full of hidden passageways and trap doors and secrets. This is very much a novel of 2024, which means the monsters are not in the house, but inside us. As usual, Rogers proves twisty and not for the faint of heart.”
—Glen Hirshberg, author of Tell Me When I Disappear

“Rogers is a consummate master of supernatural terror and this, his gripping debut novel, is a startling showcase for his uncanny talents. Family is a haunted house story with a twist that keeps on twisting until it wrings the blood out of its titular subjects. Some books can only be read in the daylight hours and this is one of them.”
—David Demchuk, author of RED X

“Rogers is among the finest writers currently exploring the disturbing terrain of the suburban home. Prepare yourself for a strange and thrilling journey. You’re in the hands of an exceptionally talented storyteller. You won’t be disappointed.”
—S.P. Miskowski, author of The Best of Both Worlds

"Ian is a fantastic storyteller of horror. He has an ability to create a unique reading experience with great scares and memorable characters."
—Sam Raimi, writer-director of Evil Dead

“A talent for finding the terrifying in the seemingly ordinary... Every House is Haunted is classic horror in the style of Shirley Jackson, Richard Matheson, and early Stephen King.”
Library Journal