Blood Red (Halloween 2005)
A novel by James A. Moore

Introduction by Simon Clark

Cover and signature page art by Edward Miller



SYNOPSIS: The land along the shore of Black Stone Bay is filled with sharp, dark granite teeth for which the area gets its name. From its cliff walk along the black sand to the mansions and manors that date back hundreds of years, the town has all the charm anyone could hope for and all the wealth anyone could ever need. For the most part, the people of Black Stone Bay are happy with their lots in life.

Halloween in Black Stone Bay is usually a celebration. This Halloween, however, there's a chill in the air that has nothing to do with the coming of autumn and the death of the year. This year, the children dressed as monsters, clowns, and cowboys will be fighting for their lives and hiding wherever they can. This year, the beaches of Black Stone Bay will be washed in the blood of its people and the streets will be strewn with their mortal remains.

Night after night, the people of Black Stone Bay will learn the meaning of fear, and grow to dread the setting sun...

With an Introduction by Simon Clark

BLOOD RED is James A. Moore's first hardcover and first limited edition release, and the first novel in our Halloween series! There is NO other edition of BLOOD RED planned.

Traycased Lettered Edition

500 numbered hardcovers, bound in red cloth with black foil stamping to the spine and front board, and signed by the author


15 lettered, slipcased hardcovers, book and slipcase completely hand made using the finest materials, with silk ribbon page marker, and signed by James Moore, Simon Clark, and artist Edward Miller


Read an excerpt from BLOOD RED for free!

Read the prologue to BLOOD RED for free! The attached story, BLOOD TIDE, was released as a limited edition chapbook at World Horror Convention 2005, and is not included in the novel.

"James Moore may be one of the best kept secrets in horror fiction, but I think the secret is finally getting out. His latest novel is certainly indicative of a mature and confident talent. He tackles vampires this time, but not the uncertain, introspective, and sometimes romantic vampires that fill much recent horror fiction. His are downright nasty, and there are a lot of them, and they're about to escape into our world just in time to make Halloween in one small town more than just a scary holiday. Moore mixes traditional devices with innovative ones, and never lets the tension settle down once the plot gets thoroughly underway. For those of us who like our vampires evil, Moore provides the real stuff."

"Moore has produced the literary equivalent of a B-movie. It's fast moving with a good mix of sex, gore and laughs... Moore knows how to keep the pages turning and the blood running. Sad, introspective vampires in powdered wigs need not apply."

"Moore has woven together the best threads of vampire lore with lust, power, and brutality to create a stunning work of bloodthirsty horror that’s not to be missed. The fast pacing and even writing style combined with cutting if occasionally crude dialog keep the pages turning at a brisk rate. Grab this treat, turn off the phone and enjoy a refreshingly inventive take on the vampire tale."
— Monsters and Critics

"The latest novel by the author of UNDER THE OVERTREE brings his considerable storytelling talent to bear in this chillingly gory tale. Moore's pacing is on target, his characters varied, and his prose direct and powerful."

"BLOOD RED is a complex, imaginative, and deep vampire novel that readers will believe will become a classic like Stephen King’s ’SALEM’S LOT. The characters are three dimensional and even the vampires have the personality they had when they were alive instead of becoming two-dimensional caricatures. James A. Moore has proven with his latest novel that he is one of the grandmasters of the horror genre."

“BLOOD RED does what all the best vampire novels do; it shitcans the stereotype and digs for blood beneath the skin.”
— Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column

“BLOOD RED is required Halloween reading.”

“Moore’s contemporary vampire novel offers plenty of traditional horror chills leavened with flashes of humor.”

“The comparisons to vintage Stephen King are justified. Brutal and scary, BLOOD RED has restored my faith, not only in the vampire subgenre, but in horror as a whole. BLOOD RED is a book to be savored, one drop at a time.”
— Kealan Patrick Burke

“Moore is a master storyteller who, in BLOOD RED, weaves an incredibly rich tale about vampires without making it a vampire book.”
— Horror-Web

“There is so much to enjoy about BLOOD RED. Moore is powerfully descriptive.”

"His work stands toe-to-toe with the best of King, Koontz, and McCammon. He's simply one of the ten best authors working in the field today."