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Blood Harvest (Halloween 2011)
A novel by James A. Moore

Cover and signature page art by Edward Miller
ISBN: 978-0-9838071-0-0




For the 7th book in Earthling's Halloween Series, join James A. Moore as he returns to Black Stone Bay, in this sequel to BLOOD RED....

Some projects take time.

Five years ago, Jason Soulis experimented on the town of Black Stone Bay, creating an army of vampires for the sole purpose of seeing which ones would survive and if the creatures could evolve. Five years later, his experiments are bearing dark, bloody fruit. A new breed of monster has come from the ashes of the old, a deadlier predator with a far greater ability to kill and destroy whatever it touches. Black Stone Bay was wounded before, but the infection left behind has festered and the darkness is spreading faster than anyone has noticed, because this time the evil is better at hiding.

Maggie Preston was one of Soulis's victims, a college-aged girl who has become something far darker. She's fed her urges and kept her secrets with the aid of her lover and protector, but that relationship is fraying, and the hungers she's suppressed are growing stronger and the family she has protected in the past has fallen victim to the new evil that Soulis unwittingly unleashed.

Five years have passed, and the town of BlackStone Bay has recovered from the horrors of the past, just in time to get caught in the crossfire of the undead and a new, virulent darkness.

Sometimes the devil you know is your only hope of salvation.

Blood Harvest will be released in the following editions:

500 numbered hardcovers, fully bound in cloth and signed by Moore, $45

Out of Print
15 lettered, traycased hardcovers, book and traycase completely hand made using the finest materials, and signed by Moore and Miller, $350 Inquire About a Lettered Copy


"A vampire tour de force. James Moore outdoes himself with BLOOD HARVEST, the sequel to his absolutely fantastic novel BLOOD RED. As I come to expect from Paul at Earthling, the book itself is first rate and the cover art is fantastic. If you haven’t had a chance to see the quality books that Earthling puts out, then now is your chance."
Famous Monsters of Filmland

"The sequel to BLOOD RED by Bram Stoker nominee Moore combines strong storytelling and solid characters to produce a sometimes violent, sometimes eerily moody horror novel filled with vampire lore. The author’s fans and lovers of vampire fiction will grab this tale of a town under siege.."
—Library Journal

"In BLOOD HARVEST, Moore reminds us why he is one of horror’s most reliable novelists. I can think of no writer, other than King, who gives us such strong characters. That makes the horror that follows all the more heinous. BLOOD HARVEST is terror at its finest, and James A. Moore comfortably sits at the top of horror’s pantheon of greats. Highly recommended."
—Mark Justice, POD OF HORROR

"BLOOD HARVEST is spectacular. It rivals the original book (BLOOD RED) in terms of quality, intensity, and gruesomeness. One of the best books of Moore's career… helps establish him as the most talented horror fiction writer in America today."
— Horror World

"For those of us who like our vampires evil, Moore provides the real stuff."

"This novel does what all the best vampire novels do; it shitcans the stereotype and digs for blood beneath the skin."
— Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column on BLOOD RED

"Moore has woven together the best threads of vampire lore with lust, power, and brutality to create a stunning work of bloodthirsty horror that's not to be missed."

"His work stands toe-to-toe with the best of King, Koontz, and McCammon. He's simply one of the ten best authors working in the field today."

Blood Harvest