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Slices (2009)
A collection by James A. Moore

Art by Alan Clark
Story Notes by James A. Moore


From “a considerable storytelling talent” (LIBRARY JOURNAL) and “one of the grandmasters of the horror genre” (THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW) comes SLICES….

A man discovers that blood is thicker than water and often stains the soul.

A boy's fear of clowns bears deadly fruit when he catches the attention of Rufo the Clown.

A defense attorney struggles with a most unusual ability – to see every sin committed by people around him.

A man haunted by his deeds during wartime learns a lesson in fear from his grandfather.

A vengeful demon seeks to feast on the souls of four high school chums, fifteen years after a fateful night.

These nightmares and other slices of horror are included in the first-ever collection of short stories – both originals and hard-to-find reprints – by James A. Moore, the author of over a dozen horror novels including BLOOD RED and the SERENITY FALLS trilogy.

Clothbound numbered edition, signed by Moore. 235 copies. $45 (SOLD OUT)

Handmade traycased lettered edition of 15 copies, made with the finest materials (e.g. Japanese cloth, fine leather, French marbled papers), signed by Moore and artist Alan Clark, each bearing an original sketch (remarque) by Clark, for $275 (SOLD OUT).

"It may be called SLICES because of the individual servings presented here, but be sure of one thing –- it is a very enjoyable pie. This is a wonderful collection showcasing the shorter fiction of Moore who is well known for his masterpieces of horror in novel length. This is going to be an extremely hard book to get a hold of [but] it’s well worth the hunt."

"His work stands toe-to-toe with the best of King, Koontz, and McCammon. He's simply one of the ten best authors working in the field today."

 “Moore is a master storyteller.”