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Moontown (Halloween 2008)
A novel by Peter Atkins

Cover art by Alan M. Clark





Shelley Campbell only meant to help people.

Recruited by her professor into working with a group-study program investigating phobias, Shelley has been using her ability as an empath to enter the minds of troubled patients. Within the dreamscape of their memories, Shelley uncovers their repressed childhood fears in order to help heal them.

But some fears are buried for a reason. Now, more than lost dreams are resurfacing. Something else is waking too, something dark and long forgotten, something hungry for the taste of our terror . . .

Shelley Campbell has gone too deep, has found the place where the darkness waits. A place ruled by the moon, a place where midnight lives, a place where every night is Halloween.

A place called Moontown.

MOONTOWN is available in the following editions:

500 numbered hardcovers, bound in cloth and signed by Peter Atkins on an illustrated limitation sheet

15 lettered, slipcased hardcovers, book and slipcase completely hand made using the finest materials, with silk ribbon page marker, and signed by Peter Atkins on an illustrated limitation sheet $275

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“This finely written and sharply told tale is a strong example of modern horror ... the kaleidoscope of peril keeps readers guessing and gasping."
—Publishers Weekly

“Atkins’ fusion of fast-paced narration and surreal horror packs a large wallop for such a slender novel. His continuously morphing and malevolent Moontown demon is memorable enough to rival Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger."

“Atkins is a brilliant supplier of shudders and splendors.”
—Clive Barker

“MOONTOWN is the kind of classy but truly frightening writing that gave horror such a boost back in the 1980s.”
—The Agony Column

“MOONTOWN is a chilling tale and one perfectly suited to be this year’s
selection for Earthling Publications’ Halloween series. Atkins has an
excellent command of the language and knows how to use it to good
effect. Four out of five stars.”