Bloodstained Neverland

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Sarafina (2024)
A novel by Philip Fracassi
Introduction by Nick Cutter
Artwork by Chris Nurse



During one of the most violent battles of the Civil War, three brothers fighting for the Confederate army decide to go AWOL and make their way home, willing to risk execution rather than be killed in a losing war. After several exhausting weeks of rough terrain, the brothers find a miracle deep in the dark woods: a homestead. Living in this remote cabin is a beautiful woman, Sarafina, and her young son, Titus. She takes the soldiers in, feeds them, offers them a place to rest. But the youngest brother is wary—something seems off. As the days pass, he discovers a mysterious creek, a strange underground cavern, and a strong sense that the cabin and the surrounding fertile land are not what they seem. The brothers soon find themselves in a new battle, an escalation of horrors they must somehow fight to survive.

750 numbered, Smyth-sewn hardcovers, signed by Fracassi and Cutter, $85.

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15 lettered, Smyth-sewn, traycased hardcovers, both book and traycase completely hand made using the finest materials, signed by Fracassi and Cutter, $TBD but at least $750 based on anticipated materials and labor Inquire about a Lettered

Praise for Sarafina and the works of Philip Fracassi:

"Sarafina is the literary equivalent of a cannonball that’ll leave you bruised, bloody, and broken. A dark and unsettling novel that uses spiritual mythology, and the war America fought against itself, as the backdrop for a story that will twist your stomach and shred your nerves."
—Tyler Jones, author of Midas and Burn the Plans

"By turns wildly entertaining and bone-deep unsettling."
Publishers Weekly Starred Review, on No One Is Safe

"Old-school horror."
—Stephen King

"The most frightening novel of the year."
Esquire on Boys in the Valley