Rolling Darkness Revue 2013
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Rolling Darkness Revue 2013: The Impostorís Monocle (anthology) (2013)
Stories by Peter Atkins, Thomas St. John Bartlett, and Glen Hirshberg

Cover art by Deena Warner


Two hack writers for a 1930s fiction factory are visited by a stranger who wants them to read a mysterious manuscript. An agent of a covert government department investigates strange noises beneath a suburban home. A young would-be poet spends a revelatory lunch hour with a young woman whose beauty masks a bizarre mystery. A specialist in retrieving the irretrievable discovers a very unusual collection in a roadside grocery store....

This is the official 2013 RDR tour chapbook and latest annual collection of brand new stories and original playlet script from Pete Atkins and Glen Hirshberg, printed to coincide with this year's RDR performances at The Missing Piece Theatre in Burbank, CA on October 18 and 19.

75 copies sold through Earthling; signed by Atkins, Bartlett, and Hirshberg on special bookplate; perfectbound book with glossy 4-color-printed glossy cover; $15 Out of Print

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